Rahm Floyd, Annette

Rahm-Floyd, Annette '60ANNETTE RAHM FLOYD

After graduating from high school in 1960, I attended Phillips University, graduating with two degrees (BM and BME) in 1964.    Because I had begun university classes after my junior year in high school, and because I attended summer classes, I was able to graduate with the two degrees in four years.  The following year I taught elementary music at Bella Vista School in Clovis, New Mexico.

In 1964, I went to Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, to begin an MA in music theory.  I studied piano as my major instrument and organ as a minor.  There I met Monte Floyd who was working on a PhD in composition.  Monte is from Oklahoma City, and we probably competed against each other at Tri-State Music Festival and performed in the same massed bands even though we did not meet until someone introduced us because we were both from Oklahoma.

We were married in June, 1966, and completed our degrees at Eastman.  In 1968, Monte accepted a teaching position at St. Mary’s College for Women in South Bend, Indiana (across the street from Notre Dame).  While in Indiana, two children were born:  Amy in 1969 and Sarah in 1971.

In 1971, Monte accepted a teaching position at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  We moved to Saskatoon where I taught piano and class piano at the university.  I also continued teaching private piano lessons (something I had begun when I was in high school).   I also played organ and directed choirs for church (another thing I had begun while in Enid.)

In 1974, I left the university to teach music and band in public school.  I taught until June, 2006.  Two more daughters were born:  Laura in 1979 and Jennifer in 1981.  We continued to live in Canada because we thought it was a safe place to raise our children and we have good lives here.  Three of the four daughters have moved back to the US.

In addition to teaching, I play oboe in a community orchestra.  I am a member of the Saskatoon Composers’ Performance Society, and regularly play the piano part on music written very recently by local composers.  I have performed at the Palais des Paps in Avignon, France, and in Lodz, Poland, as well as many places in Canada and the US.  I have recorded for CBC Saskatchewan.  Even though I have retired from public school teaching, I continue to perform.

I have been involved in volunteer work:  most recently on the Board of Directors of the Saskatoon Symphony.

We have two grandchildren:  Adam who is three and Reah (by the time of this reunion) close to a year.  We would really like to be at the reunion, but our daughter Sarah will be expecting twins in October.  We will plan to be in Philadelphia for that event.  If the twins arrive early, we will come to Enid for the reunion.

Annette (Rahm) Floyd ( '10