Crook Carey, Eileene

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After graduation I attended University of Oklahoma for my freshman year; I was intending to get a degree in nursing.  That summer I worked at St. Mary’s Hospital in the addmission office.  I found I was not a nurse candidate – too much empathy.  A chance to be a Flight Attendant with TWA appeared – I decided to try.  I flew for two and a half years until Phil and I married in 1964.  It was great fun!  I think the experience was very good training for my real career as a wife of a pilot.  I knew about crazy schedules, time zones, strange hotels, working holidays(no extra pay), spaceavailable travel, and the “care and feeding” of the crew – the most important passengers on your plane.  Friends would ask me, “Where’s Phil?”, I didn’t always know, but I did know when he should arrive home.

We have two children.  A daughter, Annette, graduated from University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing . She worked in Open-heart ICU until she married and had a son, Charlie (age 15); and a daughter, Abigail (age 13).  Now, Annette is a Jr. High School nurse.(Remember Jr. High?)
Our son, David, is also a Longhorn graduate with an MBA.  He is a Manager of Training with Fannie Mae.  He is married and has a son, Michael(age 17);  and a daughter, Rachel (age 15).