Herschberger Edelen, Lexy

Herschberger-Edelen, Lexy '60Lexy Herschberger Edelen

I have just read all of the bios and am more excited than ever to see
everyone!  I must say Suzi Hockmeyer Law gets the award for the
funniest!  I can’t wait to order her husband’s book.
Here’s my life in brief:  I graduated from OSU in 1964 with a
degree in Music Education, taught one year in Jefferson County,
Colorado, married my current & favorite husband, Ed, in 1965.  (He was
one of those pilots from the base who we weren’t supposed to date,
remember?)  He was a fighter pilot and an airline captain with Eastern
Airlines.  We lived in Maryland and New York and most of our lives in
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  We have two daughters, Kyle & Lexy Lee,
and five grandchildren.  Kyle lives in South Carolina near us.  Lexy
lives in Bermuda.  Her husband is a foreign service diplomat there.
I have always been involved in music, as so many of you are.
Currently I am the Director of Music and Liturgy at St. Michael Catholic
Church, with an Adult and a Youth Choir.  I really enjoy my work.  Who
knew when I was playing piano for Miss Morrow that I would be using all
of her words of wisdom in choirs of my own.
I am so looking forward to seeing everyone.  My husband won’t be
attending.  He went through chemo & radiation treatment last year and
isn’t up to it.  The good news is all of his tests and blood work are
OK.  Hallelujah!  I will be rooming with Beverly Palecek Tuggle, my best
friend in high school.  Some things change but good friends stay the
See you all in October!        Fondly, Lexy