Gearheard Davis, Beverly

Gearheard-Davis, Beverly '60BEVERLY GEARHEARD DAVIS

Sorry my bio assignment is so late. As a retired & tired  English teacher,  I know that assignments turned in late only get partial credit.  But at this stage of life, who cares?

After graduating from OU, I married a recently graduated lawyer, Don Davis, and we moved to his hometown of Lawton.  He practiced law and was a member of the OK House of Representatives for ten years, and then in 1980 became President of Cameron University for 22 years.
I taught Sr. High English for 20 years and volunteered for many efforts. Don’s careers have been really fun for me as well.  We’ve entertained hundreds of people, been involved in exciting ventures, traveled a great deal, and “raised” two great sons, both lawyers.  Casey is assistant general counsel with the Grand River Dam Authority at Grand Lake, and Josh is an Assistant District Attorney in Enid.  (Don’t plan on getting picked up by the police while in Enid; however, if such should happen, I’ll see what Josh can work out. Judge Ron Franklin is retired, so he’ll be no help at all.)  We live in OKC now where Don is Special Counsel to Governor Brad Henry.  I’ve been so blessed in my life, and as I read your bios, it’s obvious we all have been.  HERE’S TO THE CLASS OF ’60.  See you soon.