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2023 Reunion Update

  • EHS CLASS 1960 REUNION– held on SEPT. 15-16, 2023

    63rd Reunion — was planned and held on September 15-16, 2023.  Reunion points of Contact were: Jovita Traynor Lang, Sharon Erickson Faulkner or Joyce Watkins Misner. They have reunion information!  Almost 100 attended the various events.

    PLANS for EHS CLASS 1960   

    Web page updated December 12, 2023.

  • Reunion – People Planning to Attend- SEPT. 15-16 2023
      The EHS Class 60 reunion dates are 15-16 September 2023—-Contact Jovita Traynor Lang, Sharon Erickson Faulkner or Joyce Watkins Misner at email address below with suggestions. Can contact Sharon Erickson Faulkner at, Jovita Traynor Lang at or Joyce Watkins Misner at with questions.   This is a list of class members WHO INDICATED they ...
  • REUNION 1970-10th
REUNION 1970-10th

Pictures for the 10th Reunion --27 Jun 1970

  • REUNION 1980-20th
REUNION 1980-20th

  • REUNION 1995-35th
REUNION 1995-35th

Pictures for the 35th Reunion

  • REUNION 2000-40th
REUNION 2000-40th

  • Reunion 2005-45th
Reunion 2005-45th

Photos of the 45th reunion in 2005

  • Reunion 2010-50th
Reunion 2010-50th

Photos of the 50th reunion in 2010

  • Reunion 2015-55th
Reunion 2015-55th

Pictures from the 55th Reunion. 2-3 Oct 2015, Ramada Inn, Enid OK

  • Reunion 2023-63rd
Reunion 2023-63rd

Pictures forn the Sept 15-16 2023 Reunion in Enid OK. Includes CLASS PICUTRES plus pictures from Ramada Inn-Turkey Creek, Oakwood Country Club & Blazes BBQ events

  • Miscellaneous & Reunion Photos
Miscellaneous & Reunion Photos

Photos for miscellaneous activities to include past reunion class pictures