Arnold, Brian

Arnold, Brian '60BRIAN ARNOLD

  Following school, my life has been a simple one.  A tour in the Navy; four
years in the Oklahoma National Guard; 4-1/2 years working for Haney
Brother’s Electric; almost 23 years working for Baker Wholesale, 17 of
those years as a traveling salesman selling plumbing and well supplies,
designing heating and air conditioning layouts for home and light
commercial business buildings until they closed their doors in Enid in 1990.

Following an 18 month self-imposed vacation, I worked as a floor salesman
for Athey Lumber Company for 3 years, then back to Winnelson Wholesale
Plumbing, then on to the United States Postal Service for the past 16+
years, (9 years 4 months part-time and 5 years 7 month full-time).

I intend to work for another 3 years at least.
I should mention 1 marriage in 1964, 2 children (the oldest killed in a motorcycle accident).  The second marriage of 30+ years to Sue (Lukenbaugh) Campbell a 1959 graduate.

My hobby is genealogy research.

The best of all of this, we are DEBT FREE.

Arnold, Brian '10