Stogner Gaines, Nancy

Stogner-Gaines, Nancy '60NANCY STOGNER GAINES
I have enjoyed reading the bios of our classmates. Wish there were more
posted, but who am I to complain, I’m just now sending mine in!!
After graduation, I attended OSU, became a member of Alpha Chi Omega and
majored in business. I met my first husband, Mickey Coley. After our
sophomore year, we transferred to Oklahoma City University. I obtained my
BS in Business Education. We married in 1963.
From 1964 to 1968, I was a business education teacher at Northwest Classen
Highschool in Oklahoma City and attending law school at night, carrying
about 10 hours a semester. After a couple of years of this, I decided I
was not really cut out to be a classroom teacher. I decided to continue
with the law studies, not ever considering a law practice (how life
changes) In 1969 I obtained my J.D. in Law at OCU and surprising to me,
passed the Bar Exam. So there I was, a full-fledged attorney!!

In 1970, our son, David Coley was born. In 1973, Mickey and I divorced. In
1973 I went to work for the Commissioners of the Land Office (School Land
Commission) as a title examiner and stayed with the Land Office until 1977
when I was offered a position to open a real estate closing office in
Edmond, OK as an attorney on staff.  A new challenge, but also new

I met Paul Gaines and we married in 1977.  Paul worked for U.S. Senator
David Boren in the OKC office and I continued to build the closing
company. Later, he accepted a position with Kerr McGee and stayed with
that company until 1998 when he retired. I continued my work.  I did a lot
of title examinations over my lifetime and some private practice in real
estate and probate … never was a good courthouse lawyer!! I finally
retired in 2003 and thoroughly enjoy retirement.

Our combined families include David, partner with Ernst and Young in
Dallas, wife Laura and granddaughters Lexi (13) and A.J. (9); Paul’s boys,
Gore, attorney in Oklahoma City, wife Julie, grandkids, Casey Beth (9) and
Colby (5); Torrey, highschool principal in Konawa Ok, wife Shannon,
grandkids, Kathryn (13), Hannah (12) and Luke (9); Tim, work consultant in
Shawnee, OK, wife Melanie, grandkids, Audrey (5) and Grey (2)

My life has been full of a few stressful ups and downs, but overall, I’m
not complaining.  We are active in our church activities, I, in my

Investment Club, enjoy genealogy research, especially surprising when I
discovered that Paul and I are 4th cousins! The older grandkids think it
is “awesome” to be 6th cousins by blood and 1st cousins by marriage. Paul
enjoys writing short stories and fiction and is in a writer’s group … We
are happy.
Stogner-Gaines, Nancy '10