Hockmeyer Law, Suzy

Hockmeyer-Law, Suzy '60SUZY HOCKMEYER LAW

Dear Classmates of ’60:

I have read with envy (I mean, INTEREST) your fascinating biographies on the
EHS website.  I’m sure you are excited to read mine, so for better or for worse,
here it is:
After graduation I was tired of chasing boys, so I quickly married the love
of my life, Donnie (“Honey”) Law.  Donnie taught school for a while, but soon
got sick of it, and undertook his life’s calling:  tuning pianos!  Immediately
after establishing his business, Donnie went stone deaf, but fortunately created
a new innovative tuning method: tuning by “feel”.  He has written three
textbooks on the subject, and was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame of
Piano Tuners by Feel.  You can probably find a copy of Donnie’s acclaimed
textbook, “Tickling the Ivories for Fun and Profit” in the waiting room of your
dentist’s office, as you try to keep your mind off your next extraction.
Meanwhile, I was busy having kids.  After the little buggers turned 14,
they disappeared, and we haven’t seen them since (not that we’ve looked too
hard).  Therefore, I don’t have any grandkids THAT I KNOW OF!
(If you happen to run into any of ’em, ask ’em to text me the following message:
“Granny, Where Art Thou?”.
I might contact them, if I decide they’re for real, and not just some down ‘n
outers, trying to scam old people.)
At any rate, after my “mother instinct phase” played itself out, I took up
music teachin’ and choir directin’
(Pardon my French, I mean TEACHING and DIRECTING—-I did get SOME education at
EHS!).  I’ve been teaching in order to save up enough money to support my latest
hobby:  CATS!  Since we have moved into our new abode (an art deco one room
shack), we have been raising cats for fun and dinner.
As far as our cultural experiences go, Donnie Honey and I have traveled
extensively across the contiguous 46 (or is it 47?) states via motorcycle (him,
drivin’) and side car (me, sittin’).  Our favorite destination was to the Grand
Canyon, although it was a little hairy going down it in the side car.
I’ve been thinkin’ lately about retiring, but Donnie Honey and I are about
ready to celebrate our 75th year of wedded bliss, and I want to save up enough
for a big blowout!  (I hear we can rent the Salvation Army indoor pool, which
will hold 100 of our closest friends, for cheap!)
See ya at the reunion.  I’ll be the one with three of my own teeth (I’m
savin’ up the big bucks for a genuine partial!).Happy reminiscing,

Suzy Hockmeyer Law