Rhoads Langston, Gaytha


After graduation I attended college at Southwestern State in Weatherford then I moved to Oklahoma City and attended the nursing program at Saint Anthony’s Hospital and became an RN. Most of my nursing career was spent working in the ER”S at Baptist and Deaconess Hospitals. The last twelve years I have worked in the heart cath lab at Deaconess. I have been blessed with good health, so I continue to work full-time, and I hope to at least work for two more years before I begin to think of retirement.

I married Gary Brewer (alum EHS 1959) . We were married for 28 years then divorced. We had two children Kevin and Kim. They are both graduates of OU and live in Oklahoma City. They both are doing well in their careers. Kim is married and has 2 sons, Garrett 2 and Keller 1. I love being a grandparent and spend alot of my free time with the grandsons.

It is hard to write about your life for 50 years since your high school graduation. I have had a good life with few regrets. This will be only the second reunion I have attended, so I am looking forward to seeing many of  you after all these years.

Gaytha Langston