Wilson Gammon, Sugee

Wilson-Gammon, Sugee '60SUGEE (WILSON) GAMMON

I graduated from Enid High in 1960, got married to Roger Gammon, this June we will be married 50yrs. We had 2 boys, Rocky, and Ricky, in 1963 we moved to Denver, Co where we lived for 18yrs, I worked for 47 Dr’s and set up a scheduling center in the hospital there and work for 17yrs with those Dr’s.

Then we moved to Casle Rock, Co where I started managing properties, then from there we moved to Calif, lived there and I worked in Syntax Labs, and Rog worked for HP, then from there we moved all over the US, we have lived in every state in the US, and have done a lot of things, we moved to Az about 10yrs ago from GA and built a beautiful home 5100sq ft Santa Fe our dream home. In 2005 we founded a PT Cruiser Club, and we have owned over 6 PT we have 2 of them now being showing all over the US from West Coast to East Coast and it has been written up in a Magazine called Cruiser Quarterly and I also did write ups for the Magazine, and we still run the club if you are interested you can go up on our website and on the home page is a picture of our club members and our home. We put on one of the biggest PT Cruisers car shows in Laughlin, NV on in Mar. Next one will be Mar 17-20 2011.

Then we have one we put on call PT Roundup in the Desert in Scottsdale, AZ in Feb 4,5 2011. This will be our 7th yr. So this is just some of the things that Rog and I do, Roger is retired and does lots of work on our PT’s. His garage is 1800 sq ft, and has a hoist in it so that he can work on the cars. And I still manage 47 homes in our area of Queen Creek, AZ.

So if any of you come our way give us a call and come out we would love to see you. Our home is always open. As I do a lot of Spiritual work and I’m a healer. I have people from all over the world that come to see me.

Love and Light —Sugee/Roger Gammon–

If you are down our way give us a call.Wilson-Gammon, Sugee '10