McCoy (Decker) Woodruff, Darlene



After graduating I took a course in IBM Keypunch. Worked in computers for several years. Met and married William E Decker in Nov. 1960. We have two sons and twin daughters.
Bruce W., Bartlesville, OK. Married, one daughter. He is an Areonautical Engineer and works for Conoico Phillips.
James W., Hennessey, OK. 1st marriage, one son. 2nd marriage, she has five. Jimmy adopted her little girl. He joined the Navy in 1983. Was in the Gulf War. Got out but joined the Army Reserves. He was in a tank when in Iraq. He has been in Afghanistan twice teaching the Afgans. He works for his Dad as a Contract Pumper in the oil fields.
Coni S. (Decker). Young. Indian Trail, NC. Married, two daughters. She is a housewife and works at home for a company on her computer.
Roni R. Decker, Hennessey, OK. Married, divorced, one daughter and one son. Works for the grocery store in Hennessey. She is their Produce Manager.
After I divorced I started working for Wal-Mart in Cleveland, OK, transferred to the first store in Enid, then transferred to the Cushing store where I met and married Charles R (Tuck) Woodruff. He is from Virginia and he wanted to move back home, so we’ve lived in Jarratt, VA
since 1986. Jarratt is just off I-95 about 60 miles south of Richmond, VA. I worked in a small grocery store in Jarratt till they built a Wal-mart in Colonial Heights, VA. 34 miles north of here. They built a store in Emporia, VA, just 7 miles south of Jarrett, so I transferred to it. When I was working at the Colonial Heights store I was in the worst tornado I have ever been in. I worked for Wal-Mart for a total 22 years. Now I’m retired and loving it.
We live in the country on a little over two acres. We have a pond, not a great big one but big enough to have a bunch of catfish! Some are pretty good sized, 22 lbs. or better.