Meech, Lynn

Meech, Lynn '60LYNN MEECH

I attended Phillips Univ. 4 years, played baseball. I joined the union in 1964 and retired from the pipefitters union in western Wa. in 1999. I worked as a pipefitter welder in 9 states, including 6 nuclear powerhouses. I make my home in Longview, Wa.  Did a lot of hunting, fishing, and still ride a motorcycle.  Have 4 children,3 girls and a boy, all in their 30’s now. Two girls are college grads. Carrie from Univ.of Portland , and Bobbie a grad of Scripps in L.A. and has a Masters in music from Cal State. She was the S.W. Wa. high school artist of the year as a concert pianist.  She teaches classical piano in L.A.  Sarah is pursuing a country music singing  career in Nashville. Shay was a good all around athlete and a talented artist and welder. He has a  lowrider car business in Longview and does the hydraulics and all .    Take Care,    LynnMeech, Lynn '10