Dalke Walters, Mary

Dalke-Waters, Mary '60MARY DALKE WALTERS

It is great to read about class members. Looking at the pictures brings back a lot of memories.

At graduation I was working at F. W. Woolworth Co and continued to work there while I attended Enid Business College. In 1961 I married Leon Walters and became a farmer’s wife and moved 15 miles south of Enid. We have 4 children who have made us grandparents to 12 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren, all of whom live in Oklahoma and Kansas. Needless to say holidays and special occasions are large and exciting with all of the kids.

In between having babies and raising them I have enjoyed many career experiences. Champlin’s, Thorp-Wells, Loomis Furniture, Birch-Shipley Real Estate, insurance agent with Franklin Life, began my own Bookkeeping Service, Roberts Ranch, retired for 18 months and now working at Luckinbill, Inc. Two other career experiences were strictly volunteer. The first was a gospel music program that Leon and I began in 1990 and brought Southern Gospel singers and musicians to Enid for over 11 years. It was called “The Lord’s Opry.” The second was publishing a Christian newspaper called “Faith in Action.”

Thanks to all of those who have spent hours working on the reunion. It will be great to see everyone.

Mary Dalke Walters


Carver Govenides, Linda Raye

Carver-Govenides, Linda '60LINDA RAYE CARVER GOVENIDES

I married Bob Christensen out of high school, he joined the army where he was transferred to New Jersey to school at Fort Monmouth.  Our first son Randy was born there, our next son Robert Scott was born in Enid.  Randy passed away at the age of two from a brain tumor and is buried at the Enid cemetery.  We then moved to Maryland where our twins were born, a daughter, Sheri and a son, Terry.  Later we divorced.I re-married my second husband Ron Rackey, we lived in Maryland.  I had two more children a daughter, Heather and a son Ronald Carver.   Other than birthing babies… I have been busy as well, just to let you know!  :>)  I have mastered many other talents along the way.  I became a hairdresser for several years;  I am a floral designer, owned and operated my own florist as well.  I am an artist, I paint in oils, watercolors and sculpt.  Refinish furniture, wallpaper, landscape, sew and even have my own tools.  I love hardware stores. My second husband and I later divorced as well.

I then found my sole mate, Jim Govenides, in 1980 we were married…  my heart and life was finally at peace.  I found what truelove was truly about at last.  The man I would love forever.  We lived and worked side by side, he owned a clothing store named “Gentleman Jim’s,”  and I then became a ‘Haberdasher.’  He was active on City Counsel so I learned much about politics and how the “Good ole boy’s,” and how that system worked as well.

I later took over running the store operations as Jim had an opportunity to become a Vice President with a development company, based on the condition I took total control of the store.  Along with the store we had three kids still in college and the hours were long and hard.  On September 16, 1990 Jim had a massive heart attack and died in my arms at the age of 47.  We had just bought a new home in May, he had no insurance, his six figure job was gone, I closed the store the store dropped to nothing, three kids in college.  Lost everything.  It’s twenty years later, I have survived.  I am the granddaughter of pioneers, I have a darling Victorian cottage (The house and I are in a constant state of renovation, and I am never sure who is winning : I am a hands on renovator.  I work for Stafford County Public Schools; I have been a member of the Stafford Rotary one year I was honored with receiving ‘Rotarian of the Year,’ went to Honduras on a mission trip three years ago.  I moonlight some doing interior decorating.   My children:  Robert Scott is a Captain on the Great Lakes, he has three children, Rigil who is joining the Navy, Rochelle who in in the ROTC nursing program at Marquette University, and Randy who is going to the Air Force.
My daughter Sheri is a manager of a uniform store in Columbus, Georgia, she has a daughter who graduated from Mary Washington University and works for Geico, and a son Michael in Huntsville, Alabama.  My son Terry lives in Utah has a ‘Handyman” business to support him when he isn’t writing music.  Terry lost his wife to cancer, but found  anew love Celia and just married and so I inherited two new grandchildren, Nathan 14  and Rhanna 10, both classical violinist.  My youngest daughter Heather lives in Richmond she is in sales, Nicholas 10, Hannah 7 and Isabelle.  Then last, but far from least my son Ronald Carver, he is employed by Em2 as a salesman, he lives here in Fredericksburg and has one son, Carver Cain.  There you have it mates, my life is full, and blessed, as I hope it is with each of you as well.

Linda Raye Carver GovenidesCarver-Govenides, Linda '10


Shafford Baldwin, Carol

Shafford-Baldwin, Carol '60CAROL SHAFFORD BALDWIN
After high school I went to work for Doc McKay @ Public Drug. When he retired I went to California for a year. After I returned I went to work for Dr. Fred Entriken.In 1969 I married Stanley Baldwin (class of 62). He was teaching school at Waller Jr. High. In 1971 we move to Ardmore, OK. In 1976 we bought a small family restaurant. I love to cook and spent many hours perfecting my recipe’s for our restaurant. In 1986 we bought another small drive-in restaurant and 8 rental properties. We are still daily involved in our business and retirement doesn’t seem likely.

We have one son, Thomas, he practiced law for 12 years and also was trust officer and legal council for a large bank. He now is a Judge for Carter County. Our daughter-in-law, ( Carey) helps us at the restaurant’s. We have one granddaughter, Ireland, she is 9 years old and lights up our life with joy.

I have stayed involved with Bible studies and watercolor classes. The Lord has richly blest our lives.


Haskins Songer, Janice

Haskins-Songer, Janet '60JANICE HASKINS SONGER

After graduating from Enid High in 1960, I went to OSU for the next 2 years.  After my freshman year there, I met Richard Songer and we married in August of 1962.  We then moved to Wichita, KS where we still live, recently celebrating our 48th anniversary. My husband and I have owned and operated a graphic design business for the past 37 years.  After being a commercial artist and graphic designer himself,  Richard now strictly deals with the management of our company. I’ve done all the accounting and taxes all these years, except for the year-end tax returns which our CPA handles for us. I had no idea at the time how important those bookkeeping classes at Enid High with Mr. Lynch would be for me.  We’re hoping to retire before too much longer, but have found it’s harder to get out of a business than it was to get into it in the first place. It’s been very good to us, but we now hope for more of a personal life, including some vacation time.  That’s been hard to come by all these years.We have been blessed with 3 children. Jennifer, 43 is now married to Jim Roman, a banker, and they live in Wichita. They have 3 great girls, Lyndsey, 17, Lauren, 13, and Kylie 10.  Our son, Jeff, 40, is in the Financial Dept at Kansas City Southern Railway and is married to Ann, who is a partner in Shook, Hardy and & Bacon law firm in KS City.   They have a 3 yr old daughter, Amelia, and a 7 month old  little son, Jacob, aka Jake.  Our youngest daughter, Melissa (Missy), 33,  is married to Brock Ainsworth —no children yet.  Both our daughters are teachers.  Jennifer is an all day pre-K teacher of 4 yr olds in the Wichita Public School system.  Missy is a Special-Ed teacher in grades K-2 in KS City, where Jeff and his family also live. Jennifer graduated from Wichita State University, and Jeff and Missy both graduated from KU.   I’ve loved being able to do part of my job at home, which has allowed me to be home with our children when they were young, and then part time with our grandchildren too.

It just doesn’t seem possible that so many years have now gone by. I’ll not be able to attend the reunion, much as I would like to. I’ve recently reconnected with some of our classmates via email  ( and loved “catching up” with all of you.  Many thanks to all of you who have worked so hard to establish this web site, and made so many efforts for the reunion!  Please know I so appreciate the time and effort you have all put in to making it possible for the rest of us to reconnect with our former classmates and friends. I’ve loved reading the bios from several of you and would love to hear from you as well.  Please know I have so many fond memories of the Class of 1960 and wish you all good health and much happiness always!


Hockmeyer Law, Suzy

Hockmeyer-Law, Suzy '60SUZY HOCKMEYER LAW

Dear Classmates of ’60:

I have read with envy (I mean, INTEREST) your fascinating biographies on the
EHS website.  I’m sure you are excited to read mine, so for better or for worse,
here it is:
After graduation I was tired of chasing boys, so I quickly married the love
of my life, Donnie (“Honey”) Law.  Donnie taught school for a while, but soon
got sick of it, and undertook his life’s calling:  tuning pianos!  Immediately
after establishing his business, Donnie went stone deaf, but fortunately created
a new innovative tuning method: tuning by “feel”.  He has written three
textbooks on the subject, and was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame of
Piano Tuners by Feel.  You can probably find a copy of Donnie’s acclaimed
textbook, “Tickling the Ivories for Fun and Profit” in the waiting room of your
dentist’s office, as you try to keep your mind off your next extraction.
Meanwhile, I was busy having kids.  After the little buggers turned 14,
they disappeared, and we haven’t seen them since (not that we’ve looked too
hard).  Therefore, I don’t have any grandkids THAT I KNOW OF!
(If you happen to run into any of ’em, ask ’em to text me the following message:
“Granny, Where Art Thou?”.
I might contact them, if I decide they’re for real, and not just some down ‘n
outers, trying to scam old people.)
At any rate, after my “mother instinct phase” played itself out, I took up
music teachin’ and choir directin’
(Pardon my French, I mean TEACHING and DIRECTING—-I did get SOME education at
EHS!).  I’ve been teaching in order to save up enough money to support my latest
hobby:  CATS!  Since we have moved into our new abode (an art deco one room
shack), we have been raising cats for fun and dinner.
As far as our cultural experiences go, Donnie Honey and I have traveled
extensively across the contiguous 46 (or is it 47?) states via motorcycle (him,
drivin’) and side car (me, sittin’).  Our favorite destination was to the Grand
Canyon, although it was a little hairy going down it in the side car.
I’ve been thinkin’ lately about retiring, but Donnie Honey and I are about
ready to celebrate our 75th year of wedded bliss, and I want to save up enough
for a big blowout!  (I hear we can rent the Salvation Army indoor pool, which
will hold 100 of our closest friends, for cheap!)
See ya at the reunion.  I’ll be the one with three of my own teeth (I’m
savin’ up the big bucks for a genuine partial!).Happy reminiscing,

Suzy Hockmeyer Law


Bridgman, Joyce

Bridgman, Joyce '60JOYCE BRIDGMAN
Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance, Phillips University, 1965 .
Master of Music in Piano Performance, University of Kansas, 1966 .
Doctoral Candidacy Diploma in Musical Arts, University of Washington, 1977 .
Post Graduate Studies at Indiana University; University of Tulsa;
Van Cliburn Piano InstituteProfessional Activities:
Professor of Piano and Coordinator of Keyboard Studies at Oral Roberts University,
1967 to present (yes, I am in my 44th year of teaching at ORU) .
President, Tulsa Alumni Chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon, International Professional Music Fraternity .
Member of Music Teachers National Association, Oklahoma Music Teachers Association and
Tulsa Music Teachers Association .
Solo and Duo-piano recitalist; Accompanist and Chamber music pianist; Concerto soloist and
orchestral pianist


Parents have moved to Heaven .
Brother, Edward, retired from Southwestern Bell/ATT and lives in TulsaHobbies:

Reconnecting with dear high school and college friends, and former students .
Reading; Traveling; Playing “Southern Gospel” music .
Sharing the blessings and love of Jesus Christ with othersBridgman, Joyce '10


McCoy, Bob

McCoy, Bob '60BOB MCCOY
Classmates,Four weeks following our 1960 graduation, I reported to the United
States Military Academy at West Point, NY where I spent four very
challenging but rewarding years.  I graduated with the Class of 1964, was
commissioned in the Field Artillery and then attended the Army’s Airborne
and Ranger School at Ft. Benning, GA.  That experience was followed with
interesting tours of duty in Germany, Vietnam and Ft. Sill, OK.  I
resigned my commission in 1969, having attained the rank of Captain and
having been awarded numerous medals for valor and meritorious service.  I
enjoyed my military service immensely but in the end left to attend law
school and pursue a legal career.

I used my GI Bill benefits to attend the University of Michigan
Law School where I graduated Magna Cum Laude and Order of the Coif in
1972.  Watching Michigan beat Ohio State in the “Big House” while I was
there was truly something to see.  Although my time at West Point, in the
military and at Michigan had cut the apron strings, my roots pulled hard
and I returned to Oklahoma to join the Tulsa law firm of Conner & Winters
where I practiced until 1988, primarily as a corporate, securities and
business transaction lawyer.  I left the law firm to take a senior legal
position with The Williams Companies, Inc., a large energy company based
in Tulsa.  Williams treated me well, allowing me to attend the Stanford
Executive Program in Palo Alto in 1995 and to serve in several senior
leadership positions for it and its subsidiaries before I retired in 2002.

I then rejoined my old law firm as “of counsel,” intending to transition
into full retirement.  I almost made it, but in 2008 the firm asked me to
lead its representation in a large bankruptcy case with which I am still
involved today.  Basically, I flunked “Retirement 101.”  In addition to
practicing law full time, I volunteer my time as an Adjunct Settlement
Judge for the federal court system.

I married Nancy Shannon, EHS Class of 1959, shortly after my West
Point graduation.  We have a daughter, Colleen, who lives in Denver with
her family including one granddaughter, Naomi.  Colleen also is a lawyer.

Nancy and I divorced in 1983 (she still lives in Tulsa).  In 1987, I
married Judi, a Tulsa lawyer, and we are very happily married and enjoy
our life together.

Still enjoying good health, Judi and I lead very active lives and
share many interests.  I have been a serious distance runner for a number
of years and can still boast of winning my age group in local races.  Of
my seven marathon runs, my personal best time was 2:40 at the Boston
Marathon some years ago.  In no particular order, Judi and I together
enjoy fly fishing, long distance bicycling, snow skiing, scuba diving,
canoeing, hiking, backpacking, golfing and showing our championship Morgan
horses.  (In fact, Judi will miss this year’s reunion because of
commitments at this year’s Morgan Grand National Horse Show in Oklahoma
City.)  Many of our travels, near and far, have revolved around one or
more of those activities.  We have fished for trout in Alaska, New Zealand
and Chile, scuba dived and fished for bonefish in the Caribbean, canoed in
the Arctic Barren Lands, snow skied several places in the US and
Switzerland, backpacked in Austria, Italy and Switzerland as well as the
US, biked across Oklahoma five times, biked across the south island of New
Zealand and, earlier this year, biked from Mobile, AL to Shiloh, TN as
part of a three year plan to ride the entire Underground Railroad Route
from AL to Canada.

That’s enough for now – I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.
Bob McCoyMcCoy, Bob '10


Stogner Gaines, Nancy

Stogner-Gaines, Nancy '60NANCY STOGNER GAINES
I have enjoyed reading the bios of our classmates. Wish there were more
posted, but who am I to complain, I’m just now sending mine in!!
After graduation, I attended OSU, became a member of Alpha Chi Omega and
majored in business. I met my first husband, Mickey Coley. After our
sophomore year, we transferred to Oklahoma City University. I obtained my
BS in Business Education. We married in 1963.
From 1964 to 1968, I was a business education teacher at Northwest Classen
Highschool in Oklahoma City and attending law school at night, carrying
about 10 hours a semester. After a couple of years of this, I decided I
was not really cut out to be a classroom teacher. I decided to continue
with the law studies, not ever considering a law practice (how life
changes) In 1969 I obtained my J.D. in Law at OCU and surprising to me,
passed the Bar Exam. So there I was, a full-fledged attorney!!

In 1970, our son, David Coley was born. In 1973, Mickey and I divorced. In
1973 I went to work for the Commissioners of the Land Office (School Land
Commission) as a title examiner and stayed with the Land Office until 1977
when I was offered a position to open a real estate closing office in
Edmond, OK as an attorney on staff.  A new challenge, but also new

I met Paul Gaines and we married in 1977.  Paul worked for U.S. Senator
David Boren in the OKC office and I continued to build the closing
company. Later, he accepted a position with Kerr McGee and stayed with
that company until 1998 when he retired. I continued my work.  I did a lot
of title examinations over my lifetime and some private practice in real
estate and probate … never was a good courthouse lawyer!! I finally
retired in 2003 and thoroughly enjoy retirement.

Our combined families include David, partner with Ernst and Young in
Dallas, wife Laura and granddaughters Lexi (13) and A.J. (9); Paul’s boys,
Gore, attorney in Oklahoma City, wife Julie, grandkids, Casey Beth (9) and
Colby (5); Torrey, highschool principal in Konawa Ok, wife Shannon,
grandkids, Kathryn (13), Hannah (12) and Luke (9); Tim, work consultant in
Shawnee, OK, wife Melanie, grandkids, Audrey (5) and Grey (2)

My life has been full of a few stressful ups and downs, but overall, I’m
not complaining.  We are active in our church activities, I, in my

Investment Club, enjoy genealogy research, especially surprising when I
discovered that Paul and I are 4th cousins! The older grandkids think it
is “awesome” to be 6th cousins by blood and 1st cousins by marriage. Paul
enjoys writing short stories and fiction and is in a writer’s group … We
are happy.
Stogner-Gaines, Nancy '10

Moore, B. Keith

Moore, Keith '60B. KEITH MOORE

Biographical sketch: B. Keith Moore since May 1960

Attended Phillips University, 1960-1964, BA degree May 1964 with majors in physics and mathematics

Attended University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign IL 1964-1971. MS degree in physics 1966, PhD degree in Materials Science 1971.

National Institutes for Health, National Institute for Dental Research Fellow, Northwestern University Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, Department of Biological Materials, 1971.

Instructor, Department of Biological Materials, Northwestern University Dental School

Assistant Professor Department of Biological Materials, Northwestern University Schools of Medicine and Dentistry 1973.

Chief Scientist, Division of Biophysics, American Dental Association Research Institute,  1973-1977.

Associate Professor, Department of Dental Materials, Indiana University School of Dentistry, 1977-1986.

Professor of Dental Materials, Indiana University School of Dentistry, 1986-2007.

Professor Emeritus  of Dental Materials, Indiana University School of Dentistry, 2007-present.

Married Diana Ruth Henry from Peoria IL June 24, 1967 and still married after 43 years!

One adopted daughter Donna, 1983.

Hobbies: woodworking: construction, cabinet making, fine furniture. Active volunteer with Habitat for Humanity (member of Tiger Team devoting at least a day/week to some phase of home construction).

Member of Allisonville Christian Church(Disciples of Christ) and sing bass/baritone with Chancel Choir.

Volunteer of committees at Indiana University School of Dentistry and serve on post graduate dental student research committees.

Contributor to current dental textbooks and scientific reviewer for numerous dental journals.

Consultant to a Dental Testing Laboratory performing product evaluations for dental companies. Moore, Keith '10


Harbaugh, Hank

Harbaugh, Hank '60HANK HARBAUGH

In years past, people heading to a 50th reunion all looked and acted real old.  Anymore, not so much!  But hasn’t the time flown by?
About 40 years ago, Nancy, my wife, and I completed a military obligation and came to Tulsa with our two sons.   I joined a great lawfirm and was there for 27 years, working many of those years with classmate Bob McCoy.  Since then I have worked almost entirely for one family, being involved with their real estate and oil and gas holdings, and their financial investments.  Recently, a new golf course, The Patriot, has opened on a portion of their nearby ranch which is becoming Stone Canyon, a new residential  development near Owasso.  See and  Please let me know if you would like to play a round sometime.
Nancy and I have four grandsons, ages 17 to 5.  The oldest has lived with us for several years and presently is a junior attending a prep school in MA.  The younger three live with their parents in Stone Canyon.  Nancy has been learning much about body movement for health and rehabilitation, is a certified trainer in Feldenkrais Method, and is continuing to take courses in the Bones for Life program.  She will be sure that I continue to move properly in old age!
My younger sis, Ann Reding, has been principal at Taft Elementary in Enid for nearly 20 years.  We both attended school at Taft, and before that attended Miss Lucy’s Kindergarten on S. VanBuren with many of our EHS classmates.  Our mom, Dorothy, who taught for many years at Taft and Hayes, just turned 99 and is thoroughly enjoying life at Golden Oaks Village.
Sincere thanks to Sharon and Jovita and their committee for making all reunion arrangements.