Flaming Wiens, Dolores

Flaming-Wiems, Delores '60DELORES FLAMING WIENS 


After graduating from Enid High, I worked a year, then, attended Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kansas where I met my husband, Paul Wiens.  We both transferred to Bethel College and were married after our Junior year.  We finished college with degrees in music in 1965.
After Paul earned a Master’s Degree in Music Education and I taught 6th grade in Tennessee, we settled in Atlanta, Georgia, where we both taught music in the Atlantic Public School System.
Our three children, Scott, Julie and Jacqui were born in Atlanta; I left public school teaching to become a mom at home who taught piano for 20 years.  We left Atlanta, trekked through Kansas to Iowa where Paul earned a Doctorate in Choral Conducting.
Moving on to Madison, Wisconsin, I continued to teach piano and be the Mom at home while Paul taught at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  After 3 years, he accepted a position at the Wheaton College Conservatory.
After moving to Wheaton, IL, I once again taught piano.  However, when our kids were in high school and college, it became apparent that the time had come to respond to a call to ministry; I began seminary and graduated in 1990 with an M.Div. from Bethany Theological Seminary.  Although we were in the Mennonite Church at the time, I was called into the Episcopal Church where I completed Anglican Studies and was ordained a priest in 1994.
For 15 years, I served as Chaplain at Rush University Medical Center, first as Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplant Chaplain and later as Chaplain of the Surgical Intensive Care unit.  During that time, shortly after 9/11 I was named Chair of the Psychosocial Emergency Preparedness Team, a group healthcare professionals responsible for emergency psychosocial services in the event of a major crisis.  I held that position concurrently with chaplaincy until I retired from Rush in 2007.
Currently, I serve as priest and pastor for St. Barnabas in the Dunes Episcopal Church, at the base of Lake Michigan in Indiana (
My children are all married and we have six beautiful grandchildren; our daughter Julie is expecting a baby and this will bring the number to 7 . . . the number for perfection!  They all live out of state so the older ones fly, summers, sans parents, to Wheaton from Portland OR for Granny and Granddad Camp!  The younger ones come another time, from Clearwater, Fl and Logan Utah, with their parents for Jr. Granny and Granddad Camp.  Life is rich and fulfilling!  God is good!Flaming, Wiems, Delores '10


Young, Gary

Young, Gary GARY YOUNG


Gary Young lives in Enid with his wife, Sherry.  They will celebrate their 48th wedding anniversary in December.

They have two sons, both graduates of EHS.  Kurt (’82) and his wife Cindy live in Stillwater and have two daughters and a son, Madilynn (12), Peyton (10) and Ashlyn (3).   Kurt manages rental property in Stillwater and is an avid OSU fan.  Rodney (’85) and his wife Susan live in Norman and have two sons Hunter (17) and Holden (13).  Rodney is Director of Golf at the Jimmie Austin OU Golf Club and is an avid OU fan.

Gary has been involved in the business of real estate since 1973, buying the RE/MAX franchise in 1995.  Together, he and Sherry have been named RE/MAX Oklahoma Broker/Owner of the year three times.  Gary was elected to the Enid City Council in the late ‘70’s and is still, today, an influence in issues involving the city.

He enjoys playing golf and going to movies and is looking forward to seeing everyone at the class reunion.


Cole Schultz, Mary

Cole, Schultz, Mary '60 My 50 Year Journey




Mary Cole Schultz



The day after receiving my M.S. in Nursing at the University of Colorado in 1965, I rolled my Volkswagen 5 times at 65 mph outside of Denver. My sister Ruth and her friend Sally traveling behind me saw it all! The car was totaled. Even though I wore no seat belt, only the palm of my right hand got injured from embedded glass.

Released from the emergency room with my right hand wrapped like a boxing glove, I could have headed immediately to Enid with Ruth and Sally. I did not. My father asked me to wait; he wanted to drive me home. The previous year Connie Gibson who had ridden in my new VW to Denver and typed all my term papers allowed me to stay with her.

Before my father and I returned to Enid, he wanted to see my wrecked car. I regret, though, I went to see it. When I saw my flattened vehicle, I realized then that I should not have lived but died! In my weakened moment fear entered me with great force. I believed in the next accident that I would die!

Three years later in Oklahoma City a lady ran into my car as I – a public health nurse – was on my way to see a patient. I began to experience abdominal pain. For 6 months the doctor said there was nothing wrong with me; I believed him.

My husband’s job transfer to Columbus, Ohio, saved me. Upon arriving there, I was seriously ill. The internist gave me the terrible news that I had ulcerative colitis and needed a colostomy. I was terrified! I was only 26 and had been married only 2 years. I wept! The doctor had mercy. He said, “Let’s try the right medicine since you never got it.”

GOD was merciful! The next test 4 months later showed I had recovered. The doctor warned me, though, this would only betemporary and to expect setbacks.

For the next 7 years I struggled with the diagnosis and fear of a permanent setback. It was a move to San Antonio that changed the course of the illness and my life. My new, young internist – Dr. Dennis Murphree – had been out of medical school only a few years. I deeply cared about him and his future because I was changing spiritually.

Four years earlier my beloved Christian father had died unexpectedly with a heart attack. I was temporarily very angry with GOD! My dad had only retired 6 weeks and never got to experience his dreams.

Seeing my great sorrow, my caring husband gave me a small book entitled The Twenty-Third Psalm for Today compiled and illustrated by Royal V. Carley. The book was simple; it consisted of Bible verses. Now I began to study the Bible verses seriously. For every day growing up the Bible had been read at mealtime and bedtime. I had not really listened as I should, but now I did. GOD began to be real to me in a personal way!

I had experienced GOD one time in a trying ordeal at C.U.! I had one semester left before graduation. When I got my grades from the previous semester, I learned that my “A” in Epidemiology and my “A” in Psychology were now both “C’s”. To graduate with a Master’s I could have only 6 hours. I had met my quota!

I confronted the professors. One was on the main campus at Boulder and the other was at the Medical Center in Denver. Their answer was identical. “Your handwriting is not acceptable for a graduate student”.

I didn’t know what to do! I was caught. There was one thing I wouldn’t do! I would not call home and tell my father. He would say “Mary, come home and go to Bible College and become the missionary that you promised GOD”.

I decided to do what I saw my dad do daily – pray in the hall closet off my sister Millie and my bedroom. The master bedroom that I rented did not have a walk-in-closet. That week day I went to the First Christian Church that I attended and knelt at the back pew and cried my heart out to GOD with my problem. “If I stay and one more professor gives me a “C”, I won’t graduate. If I quit now, it is all over for me in getting my Master’s”. GOD gave me the answer, “Stay”.

These encounters – my father’s death, 2 car accidents, and an almost missed Master’s Degree – now had me concerned for this young physician and not me. My yearly colon exam was due in a few weeks – the middle of August. I began to pray that somehow I could share JESUS with him. To do my part I decided to eat one raw carrot stick and 1 raw celery stick daily. Ihadn’t done this before because of fear of a setback. Now I charged ahead although at times I wanted to quit! When I did, I turned to GOD for courage and strength.

I never dreamed it but the impossible happened! GOD restored my colon back to normal! So much so that the doctor confronted me, “You never had ulcerative colitis! Your colon is perfectly normal.”

I responded, “Yes I did! You can write Dr. Richard E. O’Brien, 363 East Town Street, Columbus, Ohio. He will tell you thetruth!”

Even with this blessing, I still battled tiredness and fatigue. October 21, 1976 – 10 days before my 34th birthday – I asked GOD for strength to get out of bed to take care of our pets, our home, and myself. October 29th, 1976, HE granted my request.

On Tuesday, November 30th, 1976, my husband was dressing for work. As I adjusted his collar to cover his tie, I said, “Honey, GOD has healed me over and above what I asked. I want to be a writer for GOD and tell the world of HIS LOVE”. Although no one has ever bought one of my writings, I keep at it.

In March 2003, GOD laid on my heart to write a musical play. I have to admit at times I doubted HIS calling and put it aside. Yet, now I am almost finished with the rough draft of the play. Then, I’ll have to decide where to put the songs that HE has laid on my heart. There is still a lot of hard work, but I want to do HIS will!

My prayer, most of all, is that GOD the loving Heavenly FATHER is real to you. HE loves you. HIS SON died for your sins. Ask for forgiveness, accept JESUS as your SAVIOR and LORD, and receive eternal life. Heaven, then, will be your future home.

Looking forward to seeing you – my classmates

The LORD willing

Cole-Schultz, Mary '10


Mary Cole Schultz









Perhaps, U are concerned about our nation’s future as I am. There is hope because of GOD! He has said, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land”.

2 Chronicles 7:14 – Bible (from “New International Version”)

Our country needs GOD’S healing! In the pledge of allegiance we say we are “one nation under GOD”. May our actions reflect our devotion to the almighty GOD and not evil.



B.S. University of Oklahoma. While there I was crowned Queen of the O.U. of School of Nursing.

M.S. University of Colorado. While there I served as Graduate Student Senator.

Assistant Professor in Public Health Nursing at the University of Oklahoma 1965-1967. While there I had an article published in Nursing Outlook.


Greatest Personal Achievement


The week of Thanksgiving 1974 my husband and I moved to Oaks

North Mobile Home Estates. From 1988-2002 I taught these children and youth about GOD’S love both at our home and church. The musical play is about this adventure that GOD allowed me to experience. It is the highlight of my life!

Thanks for taking the time to read of my experiences.

May GOD bless you in a special way today.




Butts Befort, Sophia

Butts-Befort, Sophia '60 Sophia (Butts) Befort

I started working at Central National Bank in June after graduation, worked until 1966 when our daughter Stephanie was born and Greg in 1969, stayed home until they both were in school.

I then went back part time and later started full time in the accounting department, where I worked until I retired in January, 2007 a total of 42 years. I am enjoying every day of retirement, doing the things I want and when I want to do them.

Bob and I were married June 1964, meeting on a blind date in 1960. He grew up in Lyons, Kansas and attended college in Kansas. He moved to Enid in January, 1964 beings we were getting married in June. He went to work at Vance and has worked under many different contractors. He hasn’t decided to retire yet. We celebrated our 46th anniversary in June.

Stephanie and Greg graduated from EHS. Stephanie went a semester to OSU, quit to marry Charles Garis from Garber, where they live. They have three children Luke 21, Sara 18 and Jacob 15. She graduated from NOC then continued her education full time and graduated from OSU with a teaching degree in secondary math and currently teaching in Ponca City.

Greg lives in Okmulgee, where his wife Deanne is from and they have a daughter Ariel, 17. He attended Okmulgee OSU Tech, graduating with a degree in Auto Technology. He worked for Stuart Pontiac until he moved to Okmulgee when he and Deanne married.

Our greatest joy is being with our kids and grandkids.

With my brother and two sisters being deceased Bob & I try to be here for my nieces and nephews.

I joined Beta Sigma Phi I 1960. It is a sorority for young women that weren’t in college. I have held several different offices and in May I received my 50 years of membership. I’m a charter member of Downtown Enid AMBUCS. I have held several offices and during the year 2008-2009 I served as District 5-B Governor. I just finished my second year on the Scholarship

Committee, which we meet the first week end of June in North Carolina to review applications from students wanting a scholarship to become a physical therapist, occupational therapist, hearing audiology, speech therapists or such other fields of therapy. The week end is busy, but when all is done, you have a rewarding feeling that you made it possible to help someone fulfill their dream of becoming a therapists.

Butts-Befort, Sophia '10


Kelley Bress, Patricia

Kelley-Bress, Patricia '60 PATRICIA KELLEY BRESS

After graduation I went to EBC. After that I joined the Army,
WAC. Hardest thing I ever did. After basic I was stationed at Ft MacArthur
in San Pedro, CA which is near Los Angeles. Met my husband Larry Bress and
we were married 43 1/2 years before he passed away in April 2006. We lived
in Germany, California, Idaho, Washington, Arkansas & Colorado while he was in the army and then

I worked as an Interior Designer then as an insurance agent before retirement in 2006.

I have 2 daughters, Vanessa & Suzanna. Both married and I have 5 grandchildrenwith one on the way.

Suzanna is due on Oct 7 so I may not make the reunionunless she goes early. I will miss seeing all of you.

My dad Roy Kelley still lives inEnid with his wife Ann and will be 94 in Sept so I will be there for his birthday. He is the
oldest retired firemen in Enid and Okla.

My E-Mail is if anyone would like to contact me.


Haney, Ralph J.


I attended Oklahoma State Tech at Okmulgee for one year,  then  founded A-1 Electric Motor Service.  I entered involuntary    military service in August of ’67.  I was an electronics instructor at Fort Sill, OK, obtaining the rank of Specialist 4th Class (E4), and received several letters of commendation for service.

I returned from military service to resume command of A-1 Electric Motor Service, and married Marilyn Arnold in March of ’68. We opened the machine shop division in ’69.   I became president of A-1 Electric Supply, Inc. and its divisions, A-1 Electric Motor Service and Mid-American Machine and Flame Spray in 1973 and became a victim of the Enid Flood in October of that same year.

Through the years, I have performed numerous projects of note, including the automated electric train at Richill’s Cafeteria,  the complete rebuilding of a large electric generator in north central Algeria, North Africa, the design and construction of auditorium and stage lighting for Easter Pageants and worship services at Enid First Baptist Church, the design and construction of many components and subassemblies for the wire drawing industry allowing the wire drawing lines to show a doubling of production speed, and the design and supply of many industrial electrical systems.

I completely lost my eyesight in 1986, and married my second wife, Mary Haney, in 1989.  I was technical advisor for the Lexington Passion Play, Lexington, Kentucky, from 1992- 1994.

I closed the shop and retired in 1995 with 13 employees at the shop’s closing.  There had been as many as 29 employees at one time.

I have served as president of the Enid-Garfield Kiwanis Club.  I was a founding member and president of the Enid Model Railroad and Historical Association.  At present, I am president of the Oklahoma Guide Dogs for the Blind Alumni Association, and serve on the Board of Directors of the Lifelong Learning Institute, and the Board of Directors of the Sandra Beasley Independent  Living  Center.  I also serve on the Oklahoma State Governor’s Advisory Council to the Oklahoma Office of Disability Concerns.

I now am enjoying retirement and a woodworking hobby involving numerous hand tools and power  tools, and (believe it or not), I still have both hands and all my fingers!


Rahm Floyd, Annette

Rahm-Floyd, Annette '60ANNETTE RAHM FLOYD

After graduating from high school in 1960, I attended Phillips University, graduating with two degrees (BM and BME) in 1964.    Because I had begun university classes after my junior year in high school, and because I attended summer classes, I was able to graduate with the two degrees in four years.  The following year I taught elementary music at Bella Vista School in Clovis, New Mexico.

In 1964, I went to Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, to begin an MA in music theory.  I studied piano as my major instrument and organ as a minor.  There I met Monte Floyd who was working on a PhD in composition.  Monte is from Oklahoma City, and we probably competed against each other at Tri-State Music Festival and performed in the same massed bands even though we did not meet until someone introduced us because we were both from Oklahoma.

We were married in June, 1966, and completed our degrees at Eastman.  In 1968, Monte accepted a teaching position at St. Mary’s College for Women in South Bend, Indiana (across the street from Notre Dame).  While in Indiana, two children were born:  Amy in 1969 and Sarah in 1971.

In 1971, Monte accepted a teaching position at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  We moved to Saskatoon where I taught piano and class piano at the university.  I also continued teaching private piano lessons (something I had begun when I was in high school).   I also played organ and directed choirs for church (another thing I had begun while in Enid.)

In 1974, I left the university to teach music and band in public school.  I taught until June, 2006.  Two more daughters were born:  Laura in 1979 and Jennifer in 1981.  We continued to live in Canada because we thought it was a safe place to raise our children and we have good lives here.  Three of the four daughters have moved back to the US.

In addition to teaching, I play oboe in a community orchestra.  I am a member of the Saskatoon Composers’ Performance Society, and regularly play the piano part on music written very recently by local composers.  I have performed at the Palais des Paps in Avignon, France, and in Lodz, Poland, as well as many places in Canada and the US.  I have recorded for CBC Saskatchewan.  Even though I have retired from public school teaching, I continue to perform.

I have been involved in volunteer work:  most recently on the Board of Directors of the Saskatoon Symphony.

We have two grandchildren:  Adam who is three and Reah (by the time of this reunion) close to a year.  We would really like to be at the reunion, but our daughter Sarah will be expecting twins in October.  We will plan to be in Philadelphia for that event.  If the twins arrive early, we will come to Enid for the reunion.

Annette (Rahm) Floyd ( '10


Hatfield, John

Hatfield, John '60JOHN HATFIELD


I graduated from OSU in 1966 with a BSEE. Quinda and I moved to Greenville, Texas where I went to work as an RF design engineer.  We moved to the Fort Forth area in the early 70s where I worked in various engineering and Director of engineering capacities.  I moved into Information Technology Management with Motorola in Fort Worth in the mid 80s and retired to a semi-retirement consulting business of my own in 2001.  We had 2 kids along the way both of whom are grown and working in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

We are proud grandparents of 2 wonderful kids.  I still like to play golf and now that I’m fully retired, play as often as I can.  I like to read and have done some for-myself-only writing.  And of course photography is still a big part of my life.  Two years ago, we moved from our home of 32 years in North Richland Hills, TX to one closer to our grandkids.  Our new home is in Forney, TX.  The grandkids are in Rowlett a mostly bedroom community on the east side of Dallas and around easy driving minutes away.  Most recently, I’m working on an item on my bucket list.  I’m working on playing classical acoustic guitar.

These are shots I took as school photographer in our senior year some or all of which are in the annual – I can’t remember for sure.  I sent these to Lee Hoover when he produced the class of 1960 web page several years ago.  You could get copies of these by pointing to each one separately and right clicking your mouse and doing a save as or, depending on how you intend to display them, just provide this link although you probably should get Lee’s permission to do so first.

Also, check the vintage pictures at this link:, John '10




Dow, David

Dow, David '60DAVID DOW

After high school graduation, Vernon Chodrick and I joined the U.S. Army on the “buddy plan” to see the world and make our marks in life. Instead, I spent three years serving Uncle Sam stationed in sunny southern California just a few miles from Disneyland. After my tour of duty, I went on to college and met my future wife, Carol, through Campus Crusade for Christ. We were married in May 1965 and started our family while living in smogsville. In 1980 we moved our family to Colorado for a slower pace of life. I lost Carol to cancer in 1995 and finished raising the last two of our six, yes (6) kids before retiring from Raytheon Corp in 2002. I worked as a sub-contractor for the Air Force in the area of satellite intelligence for the last 18 years of my career. I retired in June 2002 and moved back to the fatherland having been away for 42 years. In 2004 I met and married my wife, Marianne, who had also been widowed several years earlier. We currently live in Broken Arrow, OK and keep very busy with our combined 18 grandchildren and attempting to complete restoration of a 1963 Chevy Nova. We truly enjoy maintaining our home and small acreage, our church family, wonderful friends, and traveling.Dow, David '10


Meech, Lynn

Meech, Lynn '60LYNN MEECH

I attended Phillips Univ. 4 years, played baseball. I joined the union in 1964 and retired from the pipefitters union in western Wa. in 1999. I worked as a pipefitter welder in 9 states, including 6 nuclear powerhouses. I make my home in Longview, Wa.  Did a lot of hunting, fishing, and still ride a motorcycle.  Have 4 children,3 girls and a boy, all in their 30’s now. Two girls are college grads. Carrie from Univ.of Portland , and Bobbie a grad of Scripps in L.A. and has a Masters in music from Cal State. She was the S.W. Wa. high school artist of the year as a concert pianist.  She teaches classical piano in L.A.  Sarah is pursuing a country music singing  career in Nashville. Shay was a good all around athlete and a talented artist and welder. He has a  lowrider car business in Longview and does the hydraulics and all .    Take Care,    LynnMeech, Lynn '10