Buckminster, Clifford

Buckminster, Clifford '60Clifford Buckminster 

 It was back on the farm after graduation.  Then in Jan of ’64 Uncle Sam decided I needed a 2 year vacation in the Army.  After I was stationed permanently in Germany I returned home to get married & take my bride, Jean, back with me for the last 14 months.  We did have a nice “honeymoon-vacation” traveling to several countries.

After returning to the farm we built our present home southwest of Lahoma in the fall of ’66.  Farming & raising polled Hereford cattle has been good to us.  I don’t go to work – I just get up & it is all around me!  Jean considers herself a “farmher”.  She is  right there beside me working cattle, hauling hay, etc.
We raised 3 beautiful daughters.
Our oldest, Sara, is married to Enid’s newest assistant Chief-of-police, Bryan Skaggs.  (hope if you meet up with him it’s a friendly matter!)  Sara is a MaryKay director.
Our middle daughter, Katie, & her husband, Eric Schiltz, live in Evergreen, CO.  He is in banking & she is in retail.
Our youngest, Penny, is an accountant busy trying to also raise a family.  Her husband, Zac Watkins, is in farming  & cattle also.  They live in Carrier, OK.  Their children are 5, 2, & 10 months.  We get to see them often & spoil them good!.
Wish I could say I’m retired but not quite yet!  We just keep busy at what we do.  The good Lord has blessed us in so many ways.  Each day is a new challenge & we definitely look to Him for our safety & protection.
Looking forward to seeing many familiar faces in Oct.
Cliff Buckminster

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