Adams James, Sharon

Adams, Sharon '60After high school graduation, I attended OSU, completed an associate degree in the College of Business, and then married Roy James from Hillsdale, OK, in 1962. During his career as an Air Force fighter pilot, we lived in 11 locations throughout the US and also lived near Oxford, England and then transferred to Madrid, Spain. I like to travel and have lived in or visited 39 of the US states and 11 European countries and am very thankful I have had these opportunities. We divorced in 1984 while he was stationed in Tampa, FL. I returned to college and completed the College of Business Administration BS and MBA degrees at the University of South Florida. I continued living in Tampa, worked at the USAA Insurance Corporation, and participated in numerous community volunteer activities, including the public activities for second Tampa SuperBowl. When USAA opened their Phoenix, AZ office, I transferred to Phoenix in January 2003 and continued volunteer activities, including the Phoenix Super Bowl. I retired in November 2006 and remain in Phoenix. Yes, it definitely gets very hot here in the summers! I had a hard time adjusting to the desert life after living in FL for 25 years but have come to appreciate the beauty of the desert in springtime and the year around beauty and majesty and mystery of the high country. I’ve explored most of Arizona, southern UT, and northwestern NM. I’ve planned a trip next spring into southwestern NM and another trip next fall back to my favorite national and state parks and monuments and out of the way places in northern AZ and southern UT.Our son, Michael, lives in GA and is a deputy sheriff. I enjoy visiting with them and plan to move to their area within the next couple of years.

I recently had knee surgery and must continue wearing the knee & leg immobilizer brace 24/7 for several more weeks so my activities have been extremely curtailed until I can resume driving in about 2 more months. Unfortunately, this also means that I’m not able to attend our class’ 50th reunion. I’ve enjoyed reading the bios and hope that everyone has a great time at the reunion. Sharon Adams James 9/18/2010Adams, Sharon '10